At Landon Education, we assist students with several types educational planning, including:

  • Undergraduate Admission Advising
  • Graduate Admission Advising
  • Career Planning
  • Summer Enrichment
  • English Language Enrichment
  • International Study


Personal guidance and support are available through a four step process that starts with an initial evaluation and continues until a student is appropriately placed.
Initial Consultation

An in-depth interview helps the student and family clarify their needs and priorities and define their educational goals.

The service includes:

  • Evaluation of credentials and assessment of qualifications
  • Strategies to improve study habits and techniques for effective time management
  • Preparation of a timetable for standardized testing and college planning
  • Comprehensive outline of key steps in the admission process
  • Summary report

Assessment and Recommendations

A personalized service to assist students at the secondary, college or graduate level with determining appropriate educational decisions and choices.

The service includes:

  • Assessment and inventory of learning style, interests, aptitudes and personality characteristics
  • Completion of a detailed personal data form to help the student establish clear goals
  • Evaluation of academic qualifications
  • Development of a specific list of recommended schools that best fits the profile of the student
  • Summary report of all information and recommendations
  • Meeting with a consultant to review report and define next steps

Application Assistance

A comprehensive service to assist students with the application process, once the list of schools, colleges or universities has been determined.

The service includes:

  • Provision of required application materials and other necessary information
  • Review of practice application and draft essays prior to completion of final applications
  • Review and preparation of all academic records and documentation required to present the best and most complete picture of the student
  • Communication with the schools when appropriate to support student’s candidacy
  • Ongoing assistance and support throughout each phase of the admission cycle

Campus Visit Service

A comprehensive service for students who plan to visit institutions in North America.

This service includes:

  • Arranging personal interviews and campus tours
  • Provision of a complete itinerary, including travel and lodging arrangements, directions, maps, tickets, etc.
  • Methods of evaluating schools and colleges to be visited
  • Practice interviews in preparation for personal interview
  • Monitoring of the trip and liaison with the schools
  • Post-visit evaluation of schools visited and assistance with final selection
  • Communication with the schools when appropriate to support student’s candidacy

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